Queen of Abinue

The monarch of the city-state of Abinue.

A fire-aspected dragon-blood outcaste who is approximately 200 years old.

During her long reign she’s had several mortal offspring, many of which founded houses that flourished in Abinue, functioning as a noble caste. No formal system was ever put in place to legitimize the political or legal powers of the Queen’s extended family, but most of the Houses possess considerable clout in various areas of politics and commerce in the city.

The Queen’s legal heir is Prince Slender Willow her first (and only) child to exalt as a dragon-blooded, who is just a bit over thirty-five years of age.

Descendant Houses

  • House Primthorn: The house descending from the Queen’s firstborn mortal son, the house is almost as old as the city-state itself. Never numerous in the numbers of scions or aggressive in the reach of politics and power in comparison to the other houses, it is known for its vast tea estate holdings through the Hundred Kingdoms and patronage of some of the most talented artists in the city-state’s history. Its patriarch is styled Lord Primthorn.
  • House Notchspear: Descended from a street-orphan girl that the Queen adopted after witnessing her standing up to abusive guardsmen in the Market of Lilies. The scions of Notchspear have frequently followed in their founder’s footsteps in martial careers. For the past 124 years the Royal Guards of Abinue, the city-state’s only official military body, has had most of its senior officers and most notable heroes come from this house. Its matriarch is styled the Lady Notchspear.
  • House Whitestone: The second oldest house, Whitestone has always been by far the smallest, with only usually four or five living members at any time. Despite their small size, the Whitestone family has gained a great deal of respect and responsibility in the city. Talented thamaturges in the arts of Warding and with each family member spending a few years in Sijan training under the order there, they deal with the funerary matters of the city-state. Bargrane’s Lament is a small shadowland that penetrates the only landside gap in the city’s walls, a thick and dark patch of quiet, lonely woods. Abinue’s main cemetery takes up a small grove in the city side of the Lament. In the shadow of some of the cemetery’s grander tombs is a small, one-story manor from which the Whitestones manage their duties. Unlike most of the Houses, the eldest member of the family only permits himself to be called Mister Whitestone, or in more official duties as Sir Whitestone.

Queen of Abinue

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