A city-state that lies alongside the Yanaze River in the Hundred Kingdoms. It is considered an important hub of culture and trade in its small corner of the world.


The city of Abinue is situated on a peninsula along the northern shore of the Yanaze on one of its wider, slower points. Roughly circular, it is surrounded by a great wall that stands roughly thirty feet in height around its entire land-touching circumference. The wall gleams white, the majority of it being constructed of first age materials with occasional patches to repair damage from some long-forgotten calamity. Creeping vines, vibrant green, cover it in many places and blossom with white and red flowers during the warmer months. On the city’s southern edge, where it touches the river, the wall falls away, to be replaced by several long stone piers that jut into the Yanaze and form the backbone of most of the city’s trade.

The city’s internal layout is a series of concentric, slightly off-center rings separated by major circular streets and dissected with spoke-like avenues. Each Ring is largely composed of a certain stratification of society.

The Palace Ring

The central hub of Abinue, the Palace Ring is centered around the main manse of Abinue that serves as the palace for the ruling family. Several other high-end estates and most of the government’s other facilities share this ring.

The Temple Ring

The next ring outward, this district is composed mostly of temples to various gods in the region, as well as parade grounds for hosting festivals in the gods’ honor.

The Artisan Ring

The last ring to be considered upper-class, this ring is perhaps the most beautiful. Most of Abinue’s artists aspire to dwell here on a government stipend, adding to the beauty of the city through their craft. In addition to poets, painters, sculptors and singers, this ring is dominated by beautiful gardens, tiny expensive shops for the wealthy, and many comfortable, gorgeous homes.

The Craftsman Ring

The ring dominated by the average craftsman, this is where the shops and forges, common markets and tailors of the city can be found in their largest concentration. Most shops have apartments built above them, providing living quarters for the city’s working populace.

The Avenue of Blue Herons

The Dock Ring

Although only half this ring touches the river, all of it is dominated by the entry and exit of the city, with taverns and inns for travelers, warehouses for goods, barracks for whatever mercenary companies are serving the city’s defense contracts.


Residents of Note

Slender Willow

A wood-aspected outcaste that is the son of the ruling queen and is the city-state’s heir apparent.


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