The Misadventures of Silvertrout

He was born in the West of (barely) noble birth, served in the armies of the East as a soldier, schooled in the arts of thamauturgy in the South, and has trained himself in the arts of seduction in all five Directions of Creation. A restless adventurer, Lord Captain Professor Silver Trout has seen his share of what Creation has to offer.

Yet of all his journeys, the ones he remembers (and regrets) the most are those that cause him to cross paths with the reborn Solar Exalted and their Celestial peers. Even a hero like him can only take so much stress before requiring a relaxing cocktail in the shade.

Welcome to Creation

It is the Realm Year 279. Four years ago, the Solar Exalted were suddenly, dramatically back in unprecedented numbers, toppling a Creation already reeling from the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress into chaos. In the wake of their re-emergence, other champions have begun to show their faces. From the edges of the Wyld once again the Lunar Exalted surge forth with the vigor they have been lacking for over a millennium. Out of the shadowlands emerge from previously unknown Abyssal Exalted, champions of the dead. And appearing from nowhere to push the balance towards chaos in this Time of Tumult, the Infernal Exalted appear with the marks of the Yozi upon their brows.

Silvertrout is going to need a lot more drinks to make it through the day.

Multiple Campaigns, One Setting

The Misadventures of Silvertrout is a unified setting for multiple Exalted campaigns, past and present, that occur in the same timeline. Whether it is the game of nations in the Hundred Kingdoms, or the savage warfare of northern barbarians, it all ties together under one Loom of Fate.

What stories will be told?

The East: Abinue, Gem of the Hundred Kingdoms

A gem along the Yanaze river, Abinue is a hub of culture and trade in the Hundred Kingdoms. Small even by the standards of this patchwork of nations in the East, the city-state has managed to build a long-standing reputation of being a place of beauty and culture, where artisans and architects compete with one another for contracts from the ruling queen in helping make the already beautiful city even more gorgeous with each passing generation.

But now the queen is dead. In her wake an untested prince must balance his city’s well-being between the pressure of the Realm and their Wyld Hunt, the raw power of the anathema, the legacy of his dead mother and the disharmonious voice of rebelling subjects. Will the gem of the Hundred Kingdoms lose its luster?

The North: The Savages Of The Plains of Skrejbaak

North of Cherak and south of the Haslanti League lies the snow-covered Plains of Skrejbaak, a savage land where the Icewalker Tribes eke out a living, the raksha prey upon mortals, and the dead gather in Marama’s Fell.

The balance of power in the North is at a critical moment. The Bull of the North gathers many of the icewalker tribes around him, plunging further south with every campaign. The Realm’s influence creeps deeper into Cherak with every passing moment, preparing that metropolis as a dagger into a Direction that has long resisted the Empire’s rule. And beneath the ice, long-buried secrets await discovery to tip the balance in the Time of Tumult.

Exalted: The Misadventures of Silver Trout

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