A young nation in the tumultuous border lands of the Hundred Kingdoms, Oscalon is a city-state that (along with its sister city-state Silene) found independence from the oppressive Calakon Shogunate in RY 671.


In RY 752, Oscalon almost collapsed when the Crimson Plague swept out of the east forests. With a fatality rate approaching 75% among adults, for a brief time the nations’ dying thamaturges feared the Great Contagion had returned. Strangely, the disease was far less fatal for children. By the time the plague had run its horrid course, Oscalon was a nation filled with orphans.

Along with neighboring city-state Silene, the young population of Oscalon faced a great challenge in RY 765 when the Halinite Horde, led by the hyena beastmen known as the Laughing Brood, swept up from the South out of the Vast of Halinon in a brutal campaign of conquest. Silene was hit first, and the hardest. It’s standing military, the contracted mercenary army the Typhoon Dogs, would have been overwhelmed if it were not for Oscalon pledging their own royal army, under the leadership of the young but talented General Antar Dakefael.

Oscalon found help from an unexpected quarter, however, when a young priestess of Aeovast Abbey was exalted by the Unconquered Sun, during a surprise raid by the Halinites while the city-state’s army was defending their neighbor.

Residents of Note

Prince Fallon Dakeleon


Exalted: The Misadventures of Silver Trout Ligier