Martial Arts Allowed and Altered

This is a House Rules list of all the Martial Arts Styles that will be permitted in this chronicle. It’s a list that’s been vetted by various Exalted crunch experts including various people who later became members of the Exalted writing team.

A few styles are included here for references sake, but assume that without permission that none of the styles in the Alchemical book or Sidereal Martial Arts are permitted.

Wherever errata exists, it trumps printed material. Always check the Scroll of Errata.

In some cases, vetted rewrites of styles will be used over published versions (and noted as such).

Glories Most High:

Unconquered Sun:

Arms of the Unconquered Sun (CMA)


White Reaper (CMA)


Crane style (CMA)

Crystal Chameleon style (CMA)

Sapphire Veil of Passion style (SMA)

Core rulebook

Snake style (CMA)

Solar Hero style (CMA)

Debris of the fallen races:

Black Tide Style (TMA)

Dagger Wind Style (TMA)

Shadow Hunter Style (TMA)

Flame and Stone (TMA)

Eye of Heaven Style (CMA)

Manuals of Exalted Power

Dragon Blooded

Five Dragon Style (TMA)

Terrestrial Hero Style (TMA)

Fire Dragon Style (CMA)

Water Dragon Style (CMA)

Wood Dragon Style (CMA)

Air Dragon Style (CMA)

Earth Dragon Style (CMA)


Lunar Hero Style (CMA): Use Exalted writer TDO’s revision Lunar Hero Rewrite


Infernal Monster Style (CMA)


Hungry Ghost Style (CMA)

Dark Messiah Style (CMA)


Live Wire Style (TMA)

Thousand Wounds Gear Style (CMA)


Violet Bier of Sorrows Style (CMA)

Ink Monkeys

Swaying Grass Dance Style (TMA)

Black Claw Style (CMA)

Ivory Pestle Style (TMA): Modify with original author Dean Shomshak’s patches: Ivory Pestle Style Patches

Scroll of the Monk – The Imperfect Lotus

Golden Exhalation Style (TMA)

Lightning Hoof Style (TMA)

The Path of the Arbiter (TMA)

Terrible Ascent-Driven Beast (TMA)

Forceful Declaration (Valor) Style (CMA)

Meditative Discussion (Temperance) Style (CMA)

Relentless Persuasion (Conviction) Style (CMA)

Art of Victorious Concession (Compassion) Style (CMA)

Scroll of the Monk

Even Blade Style (TMA): Use Jon Chung’s revision Even Blade Rewrite

Jade Mountian Style (TMA)

First Pulse Style (TMA)

Golden Janissary Style (TMA)

Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style (CMA): Use Exalted writer TDO’s revision Silver-Voiced Nightingale Rewrite and modify the kia attack “weapons” to use the following stats to be in line with Exalted 2.5: Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +8L/2, Range 100, Rate 1, Tags O

Laughing Wounds Style (CMA): Use Exalted writer TDO’s revision Laughing Wounds Rewrite

Mantis Style (CMA)

Ebon Shadow Style (CMA)

Righteous Devil Style (CMA): Use Plague of Hat’s revision Righteous Devil Rewrite

Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style (CMA)

Tiger Style (CMA)

Celestial Monkey Style (CMA)

For any non-Sidereal styles that are not on this list but that are in the Scroll of the Monk, we can approach them on a case-by-case basis. No consensus exists in community.

Exalted Wiki

These are styles created by Exalted editor and commander Holden, and are therefore considered almost-canon and very well written. We’ll permit them.

Elegant Blood-Dancer Style (CMA): Style Write-up

Coils of Typhon Style (CMA): Style Write-up

Graceful Hummingbird Style (CMA): Style Write-up

Wind-Cutting Blade Style (CMA): Style Write-up

God-Slayer Style (CMA): Style Write-up

Dreams of the First Age:

Throne Shadow Style (CMA)

Martial Arts Allowed and Altered

Exalted: The Misadventures of Silver Trout Ligier