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Welcome to the wiki for the setting of the Silvertrout campaigns. If you need an explanation on how to use this wiki, here’s the link for you: How To Use Wiki

This wiki is meant to be a community-driven resource, and each player is strongly encouraged to add articles, organize pages, update entries and generally take all the things that occur in the setting and add them so we have a repository of information that’s more reliable than our memory or an easily misplaced notebook.


House Rules





As the wiki grows, other organizational schemes and cross-linked article depth will grow beyond this simple placement. It’s just a start.

In addition, I’ll be using the Wiki to hold and organize any house rules for the game that can be found in House Rules. The editors of Exalted due a great job of keeping the setting updated with errata and making fixes to broken mechanics, but in some places they haven’t reached a specific weapon or book supplement with the same eye of detail that they have put into other areas. In these circumstances I’ll add house rules where needed. In general, though, my philosophy is to change as little as possible. Consistency in application of the setting’s published material and rules is the best.



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