Never Together, Never Alone


The mystery known as Unity is a slender, athletic figure that wears close-fitting armor underneath a voluminous, tattered cloak. The wanderer is always seen wearing a mostly-featureless metal face mask. Sometimes it is simple steel, sometimes it is of the magical materials. He carries an exquisite, starmetal reaper daiklave in a sheath over his back, in which is set a blood-red hearthstone. Around his neck is a long white scarf that frequently catches the breeze, exposing a scripture written in Old Realm stitched into it:

Scripture of the Razor-Edged Maiden
Once there was a maiden…
…who loved a man that lived by the sword.
When his enemies plotted, she would not stay quiet.
When his enemies ambushed, she stood in the way.
When his enemies forged her, she only smiled.
“I will be the only weapon he needs to wield.”


Exalted: The Misadventures of Silver Trout Ligier