Sarel’essa is a tall and striking figure. Her skin is dark, almost black, and her eyes a strikingly light green. She is almost a full six feet in height, taller yet with the heeled boots she wears. Athletically trim with a small waist, generous breasts and wide hips. Her limbs are toned, showing hints of the muscle that lay beneath. Her head is shaved bald, and she is dripping with gold. Gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold bracers, a grand daiklave of orichalcum on her back.

She has something of the look of a woman warrior of Harborhead, only darker in color than most such members of that nation. Her waist is clad in an expensive, scarlet loincloth adorned with small golden bells at the trim that jingle as she moves. Her torso is nearly bare. Her breasts are bare save the many necklaces that drape over them, and she wears an open bolero jacket of crimson that is adorned with a figure of a lioness in gold stitching.



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