Lord Captain Professor Silver Trout

Kind of a big deal


Tall, lean, muscled Westerner. Long sea-blue hair heavily streaked with silver. It’s frequently kept back in a pony-tail, but often left to hang loosely when he’s at leisure. Blue-green eyes, typically wearing glasses over them. His face varies between smooth-cheeked and scraggly-bearded depending on how long he’s been in the field or how recently he’s been trying to impress a woman.

His apparent age seems to be a rather fit forties due to the age-sapping nature of his years as a gunzosha trooper, but he’s actually in his early thirties. He has several tribal-like tattoos on his shoulders and upper arms, and many faded scars from his years a soldier. A rather stark tattoo from his 7th Legion gunzosha unit adorns his right calf. His expression often twinkles with amusement or fascination when he’s in public, but every smile shows many well-earned lines.

He has a skin-mount amulet affixed to the center of his chest, in which is attached a light blue hearthstone. As he rarely wears shirts buttoned all the way up, it is frequently visible. Ink often stains his fingers. He has several small circular metal implants at his various chakra points that were used to connect his essence to his gunzosha armor when he was a soldier.

His clothing varies dramatically. When in the field or lounging he wears rugged, practical garb more typical to a sailor of the west. When dealing with formalities or at the university he wears expensive silk robes, usually green. In battle he wears a full set of gunzosha battle armor that was carefully reassembled from various finds (his original Lookshy set was returned to the legion when he retired). When he goes armed, he has a jade wavecleaver daiklave that he carries sheathed at his belt, in which is set a reddish hearthstone.

He’s frequently barefoot when at sea, but has serviceable bamboo sandals for leisure and well-worn, rugged boots for adventure.


Born on a remote island far in the West. Became a sailor as a teenager and sailed much of the world before ending up in Lookshy. Joined the Seventh Legion and rose up through the ranks to become a Gunzosha. Served the maximum time permitted in this special force. Used his pension to move to the Varang city-states, where he studied numerous thaumaturgical arts, including astrology. Hired on to the University of Great Forks, where he heads up the Department of Astrology. Takes frequent field excursions through the Scavenger Lands in his boat, the Nexus Queen. Has a nasty habit of encountering Solar Exalted on a regular basis.

Yes ladies, he’s single.

Lord Captain Professor Silver Trout

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