Exalted: The Misadventures of Silver Trout

Campaign Preparations Underway

I’ve started preparations for our upcoming Exalted chronicle.

Here’s some details for everyone.

Game is on Saturday evenings, likely something like 6-10. We’ll work out the exact location and hours before the first session.

The players invited are Aron, Karina, Janae, Alex, Nathan and Kyle Halford.

The allowed character types are Solars, Lunars, Abyssals and Infernals. We’re seeing a decided skew towards Solars at the moment (3 solars, 1 lunar, 1 abyssal) so I wouldn’t mind seeing another lunar or abyssal, or even an infernal to help keep the group’s makeup dynamic. But whatever best fits people will be workable.

The game’s timeline is roughly immediately after the cessation of the last chronicle, which puts us four years past the setting’s default starting time. (aka, 11 years after the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress). Actions, consequences, NPCs and events that took place in the prior chronicles of the setting still apply here (although as mortals when game starts, none of you are likely to know of the majority of those events.)

There’s some adjustment to the way this game will be ran compared to my prior outings that should be taken into account.

1. I’ll be mixing in Social Combat and (if anyone decides to build a character for it) War, and make them as frequent occurrences as Combat.

2. I’ll be upping the ante with antagonists, providing a consistently higher challenge to keep-in-line with the developing powerscale of your characters.

3. I’ll be aiming for a location-centric campaign instead of a constant world tour. This doesn’t mean that travel and travelling between realms of existence won’t happen. It will. It will just always bring you back home after you’re done.

4. Nation-building and such will occur, forming a backbone to your adventures.

5. I will not shirk from you using awesome, mind-or-body splattering combos. If you’re finding ways to be legitimately awesomesauce, I’ll cope with it, and later try to replicate your coolness with my own badasses.

Some of you have more familiarity with the system or more comfort with character building than others. Game won’t start for a bit yet, so please feel free to ask me for advice and help. I don’t want to make characters for you, but I’ll gladly help you eke out the best build to make you feel awesome at what you should be awesome at.




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